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January 17, 2018
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Clear Penis Extender Set


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Soft Stretchy Penis Enhancer Transparent Orgasm Set will let you satisfy her in a whole new way by instantly extending your penis by 2cm as well as adding a layer of girth for total erotic bliss. Soft and stretchy sleeve fits snugly over your erection. Sensually shaped penis head feels just like the real thing. And she will have an experience like never before and you will too. High quality silicone material is body safe and hypoallergenic. Extra stimulating pleasure ridges and bumps give her another amazing sensations. Fulfill her every desire with this supercock!


1. Made of non-toxic soft silicone
2. It is the effective sexual auxiliary appliance
3. Help avoiding premature ejaculation
4. Very easy to use and the effect is so good
5. It will help you obtain more passion, give you and your partner more orgasms
6. Many type floating point and top protuberant big head effectively stimulating sensitive parts of women
7. It can reach to women’s vaginal wall and cervical mouth to produce the greatest degree of friction
8. It can be applied with the condom simultaneously.



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